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Bloody Monday – Episode 10 (Review)

BLOODY MONDAY Episode 10 Review by David Cirone Maya (Michiko Kichise) surrenders to THIRD-i. SUMMARY J threatens Haruka and makes a quick getaway when Falcon runs upstairs to protect her. Maya strolls in to THIRD-i headquarters with a briefcase of Bloody X and the antidote, offering information on the terrorist group in exchange for protection. …

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Bloody Monday – Episode 1 (Review)

BLOODY MONDAY Episode 1 Review by David Cirone SUMMARY Bloody Monday wants to be 24 really, really badly. Fans of the Kiefer Sutherland’s thriller series will instantly recognize counter-terrorism unit THIRD-i’s split-level concrete and glass command center, the series’ slick production design, and yes– even a Janeane Garofalo look-alike. Just like 24, the plot is …

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