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Outrage (Film Review)

Outrage Review by David Cirone In Takeshi Kitano’s Outrage, violence comes suddenly and at full force, often preceded by brief, polite conversation. A successful character study disguised as a standard yakuza crime drama, Kitano returns to his signature gangster genre (there’s a ten-year gap between this release and 2000’s Brother), stacking the film with great …

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Suitei Yuuzai (Series Review)

Suitei Yuuzai (Presumption of Guilt) Review by David Cirone SUMMARY Twelve years ago, a young girl is found murdered in a park. The police come up empty-handed, but their chief suspect is a long-shot — a door-to-door salesman Shinozuka (Jun Kunimura) with a history of assault. Unable to find firm evidence, they pin their case …

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