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Bloody Monday – Episode 9 (Review)

Bloody Monday Episode 9 Review by David Cirone SUMMARY Maya and her terrorist squad escort Kamishima on his getaway through the prison sewers. Kano blocks their escape route, and he’s captured. J taunts him, and Maya infects him with Bloody X via a (ahem! –not-so-brief) kiss. Maya drops a poison kiss on Kano. Rushed back …

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Bloody Monday – Episode 6 (Review)

BLOODY MONDAY Episode 6 Review by David Cirone SUMMARY As soon as Falcon and his friends enter the biochemical lab, they’re shot at by the terrorist assassin “Demon”. He’s the same tattooed gunman who framed Falcon’s father Takagi by killing a government official with one shot, but he misses his shot at Falcon. (Why shoot …

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