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Aug 20 2015

Last Cinderella (Series Review)

LAST CINDERELLA Series Review by David Cirone Last Cinderella piles on the cute. As much a fantasy story as its namesake, the series trips over itself time and time again as it overtly panders to a middle-aged female audience. Despite its talented and earnest cast led by Ryoko Shinohara and featuring Haruma Miura and Naohito …

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May 03 2013

Bloody Monday – Episode 11 (Review)

BLOODY MONDAY Episode 11 Review by David Cirone J (Hiroki Narimiya) makes a final negotiation with Falcon. SUMMARY THIRD-i and Kano barge into the church, but Maya and Anzai (K) get away. Gravely injured, Takagi hands over a data stick containing all his intel on the terrorists, including the real nature of the “jewelry box” …

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Apr 18 2013

Bloody Monday – Episode 10 (Review)

BLOODY MONDAY Episode 10 Review by David Cirone Maya (Michiko Kichise) surrenders to THIRD-i. SUMMARY J threatens Haruka and makes a quick getaway when Falcon runs upstairs to protect her. Maya strolls in to THIRD-i headquarters with a briefcase of Bloody X and the antidote, offering information on the terrorist group in exchange for protection. …

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Apr 03 2013

Bloody Monday – Episode 9 (Review)

Bloody Monday Episode 9 Review by David Cirone SUMMARY Maya and her terrorist squad escort Kamishima on his getaway through the prison sewers. Kano blocks their escape route, and he’s captured. J taunts him, and Maya infects him with Bloody X via a (ahem! –not-so-brief) kiss. Maya drops a poison kiss on Kano. Rushed back …

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Mar 18 2013

Bloody Monday – Episode 8 (Review)

Bloody Monday Episode 8 Review by David Cirone SUMMARY Falcon isn’t safe for long, and the terrorists find his hiding spot in the school darkroom. The terrorists shuffle Falcon and his friends into an empty classroom (it’s Saturday) for a special lesson. J says “hi” via webcam and reveals that all the kids are infected …

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Mar 03 2013

Bloody Monday – Episode 7 (Review)

Bloody Monday Episode 7 Review by David Cirone SUMMARY Falcon and THIRD-i speed toward Falcon’s house, unaware that the Professor’s assistant is also a spy for the terrorists. Falcon boots up the hidden laptop and discovers clues pointing to an old family cottage outside Tokyo. This must be the location of the antivirus. THIRD-i once …

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Feb 18 2013

Bloody Monday – Episode 6 (Review)

BLOODY MONDAY Episode 6 Review by David Cirone SUMMARY As soon as Falcon and his friends enter the biochemical lab, they’re shot at by the terrorist assassin “Demon”. He’s the same tattooed gunman who framed Falcon’s father Takagi by killing a government official with one shot, but he misses his shot at Falcon. (Why shoot …

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Feb 03 2013

Bloody Monday – Episode 5 (Review)

BLOODY MONDAY Episode 5 Review by David Cirone Falcon (Haruma Miura) uses his skills to help THIRD-i SUMMARY Maya brings Falcon into crowded cafe, promising to reunite him with his missing father if he’ll just have a sit-down with the terrorist group’s leader, codenamed “J” (Hiroki Narimiya). J talks in ultra-cool whispers and sips melon …

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