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UTB Los Angeles premieres Arashi drama Freeter, Ie wo Kau and mystery-thriller Iryu Sosa

Los Angeles television station UTB 18.2 will premiere two new drama series this week, including Freeter, Ie wo Kau (English broadcast title: Job-Hopper Buys a House) starring Kazunari Ninomiya as young man who restarts his life with a part-time construction job. Ninomiya, a member of the Japanese pop group Arashi, won Best Actor awards for …

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Lucky Seven – Episode 1 (Review)

Lucky Seven Episode 1 Review by David Cirone SUMMARY Job-hopping part-time worker Shuntarou Tokita (Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto) fills his empty days romancing married women. When one of his affairs is disrupted by a young private detective (Teru Nitta, played by Eita), he chases him down and arrives at the Kita Shinagawa Lucky Detective Agency. He …

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