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Sep 15 2013

Ryoko Yonekura at Diana film premiere


Japanese actress Ryoko Yonekura (who is providing the voice-over for Diana in the Japanese-language version of the film) attends the world premiere of Diana in central London on September 5, 2013. The film is a biopic of the late princess of Wales who died in a Paris car crash in 1997, and follows Diana’s romance …

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Feb 04 2013

Ryoko Yonekura in CHICAGO Musical


Promo pics and videos from Ryoko Yonekura’s appearance as Roxie Hart in CHICAGO on Broadway in 2012.

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Jan 19 2013

Doctor X street promotion ads


Ryoko Yonekura’s medical drama Doctor X got lots of love on Tokyo streets and train station during its premiere week on October 2012.

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Feb 29 2012

Japanese Salaryman NEO (trailer)

Japanese Salaryman NEO (trailer)

New trailer for Japanese Salaryman NEO (movie): Asian Wiki page for Japanese Salaryman NEO JETRO page for Japanese Salaryman NEO Japanese Salaryman NEO Official website (Japanese)

Feb 06 2012

Life is Dead – new zombie comedy

Japanese zombie comedy “Life is Dead” (ライフ・イズ・デッド) The film stars Arai Atshushi and Higa Rino as two teens dealing with the outbreak of UDV (UnDead Virus).

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