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BLOOD The Last Vampire (live action) (Review)

BLOOD The Last Vampire Review by David Cirone All the live-action, none of the cool. Sloppy adaptation of a revered anime classic. The great thing about Production I.G.’s original is that it celebrated the “blood” of the title — even in 2D, the anime version’s blood had texture, and there were buckets of it. This …

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Life is Dead – new zombie comedy

Japanese zombie comedy “Life is Dead” (ライフ・イズ・デッド) The film stars Arai Atshushi and Higa Rino as two teens dealing with the outbreak of UDV (UnDead Virus).

Haruka Ayase – Mr. Incredible (TV Spot)

Haruka Ayase Japanese promo spot for (Pixar’s “The Incredibles”)