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Drama-MAX features reviews and commentary for Japanese films and TV dramas (doramas).

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David Cirone is the founder of RESONANCE Media, specializing in promotion and management services for Japanese music artists. Since 2006, Dave has worked with such J-Rock and J-Pop artists as exist†trace, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, girugamesh, LM.C, DAZZLE VISION, URBANGARDE, ketchup mania, Budo Grape, Swinging Popsicle, Morning Musume, May’n, FUDANJUKU, BABYMETAL, Hangry & Angry, and Berryz Kobo.
Website: http://resonance-mms.com

Jen Wang is a lab tech from Texas and a former writer for Askew and Purple SKY. She spends her free time composing poetry and blogging about Japan, action sports, and burlesque.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/jeniversewritings

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