Flying Colors – Trailer (video)


English-subtitled trailer for Japanese comedy/drama Flying Colors, starring Kasumi Arimura.

From TBS Global:
Dyed-blonde student failure Sayaka mistakes a historical figure for a schoolyard insult, doesn’t know north from south, or even that the earth is round. In her second year of high school, her academic ability is equivalent to that of a fourth-year elementary student. Then a meeting with a certain teacher, Tsubota leads to her taking on the seemingly impossible goal of gaining entrance to prestigious Keio University.

Although she once dabbled in delinquency, Sayaka begins to concentrate single-mindedly on her studies, which changes the people around her, including her family. All she needed was a teacher who she could trust wholeheartedly, and his unique approach to education. Sayaka and her mentor take on a challenge that seems utterly impossible, supported by her friends and family.

Within 45 days of release in Japan, Flying Colors crossed the 2 million tickets sold mark, making it the No. 1 Japanese movie for the first half of 2015.